Coderang Strategy

Primary Market Analysis - We acquire information on the current situation and trends in the industry, as well as action of competitors, which allows you to see which way the market is developing and what investing in.


Initial information on the position of a given sector in the country and the world.


Analysis of the political, economic, social and technical factors affecting the company.


Information about current trends in the industry and the direction in which this industry is currently developing in the country and the world.


Analysis of the strengths and weakness of the company with regard to completition and the indutry.

Defining the Customer Journey

Defining every touch point of the customer Journey in digital world from trigger (where the prospect has a need for your product/service) to the Loyalty phase (where the customer becomes a loyal customer) and elevating his experience in the digital world.

Crafting the Inbound Marketing Model For Customer Acquisition

Laying down the infrastructure for customer acquisition and data capturing for effective and efficient visitor/customer intelligence. Defining a logic diagram to automate marketing activities for nurturing process. You will be able to analyse individual visitors behaviours on the website and build personas based on the need and behaviour of visitor/customer. We would recommend tools.

CRM Strengthening Strategy through AIDA Model

Defining Top of the funnel, Middle of the Funnel and Bottom of the Funnel activities and processes in website through permission marketing and content linkages. By doing this you will exactly be converting anonymous visitors to known visitors and track their behaviour in website for effective marketing communication.

Measuring the Goal Conversion and optimizing the conversion rate Staging the Journey (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) and activities involved in each stage.

Laying down the conversion funnel for micro and macro conversion.

SEO Strategy

Studying the target audience and gaining intelligence on their intent and needs

Crafting a Keyword Strategy that would resonate with website content and aims to show the most relevant pages from our websites to highly targeted traffic at the top of search engine results

Making a Keyword Pyramid

Defining Prospects Search Lifecycle and Journey

Forensic analysis approach to Keyword Placement dentifying gaps and opportunities

Learning from all competitors who rank higher in the search engine

Developing a template plan for On Page and Off Page SEO.

Social Media Strategy

Positioning competitors in an engagement-audience matrix to evaluate industry trends identifying gaps & opportunities.

Social Listening to identify most associated keywords and recommendation on relevant marketing communication model.

Identification of relevant channels pertaining to the nature of business. Developing an optimum plan to segment visual, video, written and off-site social content.

Comprehensive Content Strategy

Segmentation of owned media, shared media, earned media, paid media and its intersections for relevant marketing communication

Developing a Content Curation model to shape the future content consumption and distribution. Recommendation on Algorithmic curation, Professional Curation and Social Curation.

Developing a Content Plan