Slaying The Content Promotion Game with 80/20 Rule

If you’re new to content marketing, let me introduce you to the world of 80/20 rule of content promotion. 80/20? What does that mean? Is it something related to writing content in 8:2 ratio?

Well, the answer is NO! It’s a rule about writing content and promoting it. A rule, if implemented strategically, can do wonders to your business. Many people think that pushing a lot of content through digital medium ups their game in the market. That’s not true. Quality is always over quantity. And there comes the ‘80/20 Rule of Content Promotion.’

In simple terms, 80/20 rule states that spend 20% of your time on creating great content and 80% of the time in promoting that content. Which, in other terms, means focus on creating qualitative content instead of quantitative and spend more time in promoting that.

Content is the backbone of online marketing. You’ve never seen your readers in life but you talk to them through your content. So, calling content the spine of your online business is not wrong at all.

Now, you would be wondering that if so much time is spent on marketing the content, what if I get kicked out of the race if I don’t have enough content. The answer is, this rule is based upon the goals of a piece of content that you’ve written. Sticking to your content calendar and applying the 80/20 rule only to that content which is trending is the best practice. 80/20 rule is meant for viral-worthy content.

Another question that would be taking some space in your mind is about your already written content. Content never goes out of fashion. Instead of writing new content, maybe you could revise and update your old content according to the new developments.

Having said so much about the rule, let’s have a look at how we can promote the content effectively.

  • Include blog link in Email Signatures

    Yes, I know you that know about email marketing. You must be sending your readers regular emails about your new content. But let’s get a bit innovative with your Email Signatures. You and your employees exchange a lot of emails in and outside the office. How about adding a link to your content in signatures? A simple footer which redirects an email receiver to your content can do wonders.

  • Utilize Twitter’s Pin Tweet feature

    You must be familiar with Twitter’s Pin Tweet feature. A pinned tweet which contains the link to your blog post, by default, is displayed at the top of your profile. Which means, it will get the maximum impressions and chances are high that people who visit your profile will click on that link.

  • Add an option to download content on your Website

    You must have invested your time and energy in creating some amazing ebooks, free templates, white papers, etc. Make them visible on your website. If a person is interested in your content, he would want to know more. Play a little with your website and offer them to download the resources they want. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask them for their email addresses. Later, mail them your content whenever you publish it on your blog.

  • Present content in the form of Explainer Videos

    This might sound a little crazy, but it would be great if you could convert your content into a video. Explainer videos are appealing and interesting as compared to the content. But make sure not all your content is turned into a video. Turn only that content into a video which you think could go viral or at least get a good number of viewers.

  • Make use of

    It is a powerful tool which could be used to promote your content through someone else’s blog post. allows you to display a link to your content on someone else’s. Search for a popular and trending content of an influencer, snip it, share it, simple.

  • Engage with the users through Comment Marketing

    Marketing experts think that comment marketing is a spam tactic, which is somewhat true because there are bots and people who comment links to totally irrelevant content on social media. But we can't deny the fact that comment marketing fetches us some results. A secret to that is personalisation. Leave a useful comment on a blog or forum or social media platforms.

    While commenting, make sure you compliment or share your view which would make you look genuine. Doing so will make readers think that your content would help them gain some knowledge. Don’t just copy paste the URLs and waste your time and efforts.

These are some of the effective and offbeat ways to market your content. Keep in mind, sharing your content on social media again and again really works. Once you’ve written content, share it frequently in the first week and then reduce the time gradually.

With so many marketing experts out there in the market, it becomes a little difficult to bring forth your content. But that’s not an end. Taking baby steps helps in gradually building audience base for your blog.

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