CodeRang is a young team of specialists, experts, think tanks, stand up comedians and foodies. We are creative technologists who know what it takes to take a brand from plinth to peak.Black and white marketing strategies don’t work in today’s digital world. That’s why, we add the colours of rainbow to make your brand visible across the sky.
We are crazy folks, and we love what we do!

Just like the ‘creative’ right brain and ‘analytical’ left brain functions jointly, our technical team and creative team works together to skyrocket the growth of a brand. Our creative technologists are fueled by the fear of mediocre solutions to the clients.
Strategists, designers, engineers, storytellers - they all come together in a unique fusion of creativity and technology to provide our clients with comprehensive digital solutions. Our team thrives on success of our clients and works together to change the lives of consumers around the globe.

We are crazy folks who simply love what they do